Growing N.C.'s Economy

"The North Carolina Military Foundation has been instrumental in creating the unique partnership between the NC Motorsport Industry and the Special Operations Community. We are very pleased to be a member of this esteemed organization."

– Marshall Carlson, President, Hendrick Motorsports

Recognizing Our Strengths

While many states are trying to grow their defense economy, North Carolina is getting results. The state is poised for explosive growth thanks to the proactive strategy put forward by the Foundation. The Defense Asset Inventory and Target Industry Cluster Analysis provides a strategic roadmap for aligning the state's core strengths in industry, academia, and R&D with emerging requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

For the emerging needs in key markets - RESET/Vehicles Support Activities, gaming and simulation, performance materials, human factors, and others - the analysis showed that North Carolina is often the market leader. The findings also revealed, for the first time, where the clusters of innovation are located throughout the state. 

The Foundation's strategy is now fully embraced by the Governor, his economic development team, members of the North Carolina Congressional delegation and defense industry leaders across the state. 



RESET/Vehicles Support Activities


Unmanned Systems


Performance Materials

Fuel and Power Sources

Human Factors

The Strategy Forward

These markets come together to create a defense ecosystem unique to North Carolina. The Foundation continues to refine its strategy to match the ever-evolving market, focusing on cross-over initiatives that support multiple markets and address the needs of special operations forces, major military commands, and research institutions that operate within NC’s core competency areas. This refined strategy guides the Foundation’s initiatives and has full support of its Board of Directors.  Listed below are current crossover initiatives that the Foundation supports.

- Advance the state's emerging expertise in unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

- Solidify and expand the relationship between the NC motorsports industry and the US Special Operations Command

- Foster a cyber security/intelligence cluster to attract complex DoD projects

- Maintain and expand foreign language and cultural training programs specific to the needs of special operations forces and the NC National Guard

- Connect NC's innovative medical research and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury (PTSD/TBI) to military commands and soldiers

- Heighten awareness of the state's expertise in advanced materials (nanotechnology science, composites, textiles, and biotechnology)

The Foundation will also work to positively impact military personnel and their families through initiatives that facilitate veteran transition into the civilian workforce, increase access to higher-education opportunities, and promote financial literacy.